Few Thing That I Found Usefull as Digital Strategist in Campus Organization

I have been joined some campus organizations last few years, mostly in Media Department. During those years, I learned many things, one of that thing is technique that could be applicable in the real world sometimes can not be implemented in campus organizations as digital strategist. Because we need to do our study, so we had limited time to take care this thing.

But hopefully through some trial and error I found few things that maybe could help us to do the best as digital strategist in campus organization.

  1. Round Team. Round team is one of the tools that I found very useful and usable to increase our tweet reach. You could try it in http://roundteam.co. Round Team basically the tools to make another twitter account automatically retweet our tweet. To do that, we need to register the account that will be the retweet-er. After all the things prepared, every tweet that we make would have a huge amount of retweet.
  2. Tweetdeck. Every tweet had it own time. But sometimes we have something to do at that time. So to make the tweet still be appeared to the people, we do the scheduling. It is a very convenient way to save the moment. Access TweetDeck at http://tweetdeck.twitter.com/
  3. Buffer. Found something interesting on the web and want to share it with your organization account but the time is not right? Use Buffer, with one button your social media account, whill share the thing at the right time. So the reach will be huge. Use this awesome tool in http://bufferapp.com
  4. Writerack. Have a huge article or press release that need to be tweeted. Use this tool to breakdown it to several tweet. Access it here http://writerack.com
  5. Spruce. Tired to find an image in google to make your tweet more beautiful? Use this app, it had a ton of free image to be used for your tweet. Even you could add quote to the image. So awesome. Try it at http://tryspruce.com
  6. bit.ly. Never use TinyURL again. Some research said that a tweet that use bit.ly shortened link would likely to be retweeted by folks. It is worth I try right? You could make a custom link if you have signed in. Even you could get the analysis of your link. Shortened your link in http://bit.ly
  7. Twitterfeed. Make your twitter account work without even doing anything by using this tool. What you need to do is find a web that may suit your organization and do the setup. Voila your twitter account will be very active from now. Use it at http://twitterfeed.com. But it had a bad effect, if you did not maintain the tweet, people will assume that your twitter account got hacked.

These are the things that I found useful to help us maintain our organization social media even when we need to study. I bet you already know some of them. If you found these things work and help you to maintain the social media account, it will be nice if you share it to your fellow social media admin.


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